Flaxwood On Tour

Over the past couple of years, Flaxwood guitars have found their way into the hands of many of today's top players in various genres, becoming both studio and onstage staples in their rigs, and are currently used on tour by the guitar players of the bands of Santana, Reba McEntire, Rascal Flatts, Bonnie Raitt, and many others.

Flaxwood Guitars is proud to present this photo and video scrapbook of Flaxwood onstage with some of the finest players in music today.



George Marinelli onstage with his Liekki

Tommy Anthony (right) onstage with Carlos Santana

Tommy Anthony and Santana trading licks

David Carr and his new FW 2HM-T hybrid series at soundcheck at the Brugge Festival in Belgium.
Says David, "Thank you for the opportunity to tour with the new Flaxwood [2HM]. I loved playing it and I'm certain People enjoyed hearing it! I love the feel of the solid body and especially the weight distribution. It's very comfortable to hold. The neck is brilliant; slim, smooth, fast and stable. Notes sustain longer than even Nigel Tufnel could utilize. The guitar held it's tune even with extreme tremolo action and now I want one as soon as I can get one. It could be my new favorite.
Well done!



Rascal Flatts onstage with Flaxwood, performing "Fast Cars and Freedom"
on the final night of their Unstoppable Tour 2009

Jeff King of the Reba McEntire band with his Karpalo redburst Liekki. Nov 6, 2009, Event Center, Allen TX

Jim Kimball of the Reba McEntire band with his Lumi white Liekki. Nov 6, 2009, Event Center, Allen TX

Larry Schara on stage with Deb Seitz at the Harlem Ave Lounge in Chicago

Larry Schara on stage with the Deb Seitz band at the Harlem Ave Lounge in Chicago

Harry Orlove onstage with Michelle Shocked. Jan 8, 2010



Doron Zor live at the Rex CD release party, April 8th 2010



Jussi Reijonen and Tareq Rantisi duet. Nov 23, 2009, Berklee Performance Center, Boston MA