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The Louhi Series

Guitars for the discerning guitarist! A guitar where tradition firmly meets cutting edge technology. Flaxwood combines new, patented technology, with the age-old timeless appeal of handmade instruments.

As much as Flaxwood guitars are “Always Custom”, always unique, we wanted to offer our customers a more budget-friendly, elemental range of guitars.

And so, the “Louhi” series was born.

We have not compromised our standards in any way, the guitars of the Louhi series feature everything that makes a guitar a Flaxwood guitar.

The Louhi remains an excellent, premium quality reference instrument, using patented innovative materials technology — exactly like any other Flaxwood guitar.

Flaxwood means… Sustainable practices. Thermal and environmental rock-solid stability. Unique neck profile. The Flaxwood feel, and of course, that Flaxwood Sound.

Louhi guitars combine custom bodies of choice European tonewoods and Flaxwood patent necks. Every guitar is assembled, then tested by our skilled luthiers at Flaxwood HQ, guaranteeing that Flaxwood quality.

Welcome to the world of Flaxwood guitars!

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