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The birth of the Flaxwood sound

The Birth of the Flaxwood Sound

We have received numerous questions about how our guitars are manufactured. So, we decided to grab our master luthier Roderick by the horns and create a generic video series about the subject.

In our three-part video series, our luthier Rod walks you through the creation process of the Flaxwood electric guitar step by step.

Part 1: The Body

The first episode is about the building of the body. The music comes courtesy of our in-house guitarist Omppu Oinonen, playing a “you-know-what” guitar.

Flaxwood guitars are uncompromisingly built by hand, by professionals. In the video, Rod prepares a body coming straight off the mold for assembly and painting. Handcrafted paintjobs by our honoured partner, Mika from Kustom Art Giemura Kustom Art Giemura

You can read more about Flaxwood’s materials and environmental values here Flaxwood Material

Part 2: The Neck

The second part of the video series is about the neck finishing.

Rod takes the billet and prepares the neck for fretting, drills for side dots, glues in Flaxwood inserts and so on, after which he exactingly shapes the neck to achieve that authentic Flaxwood feel and sound.

Finally, the surfaces are finished and treated to meet the highest Flaxwood quality standards.

Part 3: Wiring and Finishing

In the final part, we are nearing the birth of a new Flaxwood guitar and the ring of those first chords.

Rod unites the body and neck, installs pickups, bridges, and wiring… and applies all those finishing touches that transform a guitar and neck billet into a unique Flaxwood guitar.

Just a final tune-up and polishing, and then our in-house guitarist Omppu gets to try out the virgin instrument!

This is how The Flaxwood Sound is born.

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