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Look at the “NUTS” on these guys!

Flaxwood Guitars CITES free principles also apply to the Nut.

You know that little strip between the fretboard and the headstock, the one that guides the strings to the fretboard. The Nut is a small, but crucial component of the guitar: a badly fitted Nut can cause tuning, intonation and all manner of playing problems…


The nut marks one end of the vibrating length of each open string. It sets the spacing of the strings across the neck, and holds the strings at the proper height from the fingerboard. It directly affects the action and playability of the guitar and it’s intonation, the ability of a stringed instrument to play in tune across it’s range.

The material it is made of plays a critical role in it’s function. Traditionally, the Nut was made of animal bone – usually cow bone, a by product of the meat industry, a very hard and resonant material, producing clear and bright ringing tones. Subsequently looking for alternatives, any number of different natural and synthetic materials have been used. From plastics and laminated paper to brass and exotic hard woods, even Mother of Pearl and Ivory.

However, as animal bones naturally did not fit into our sustainable, environmental, CITES free way of thinking at Flaxwood. Commercially available plastics, an accoustically dead material, was also out of the question.

Taking into account the optimum properties of the different nut materials was the starting point, all of which we wanted to integrate into our patented solution. The nut is, after all, one of the most important elements in the overall performance of any guitar.

The Tune-X Tuning System nut is made of self-lubricating, high-tech material and was exclusively developed for Flaxwood Guitars.

It’s basically a substance they have used in the Space Shuttle and bulletproof vests that combines lightness and rigidity, as well as resistance to shock– that tells you something about the durability of the material.

All Flaxwood Guitars come equipped with the patented Tune-X System compensated nut, which allows for consistent tuning and flawless intonation. It weighs less than two grams but along with the bridge and frets, the nut makes up the Holy Trinity of tone.

A small but significant part!

Another small step towards a more sustainable world and an important factor of Flaxwood’s Sustainable Sound.

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