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The Flaxwood Bolt-on Replacement Necks available now!

Update and improve your electric guitar with the Flaxwood Bolt-on Replacement Neck. Now available in our web store and stay in tune!

We are putting our necks on the line, since you’ve been eagerly asking for it: you can now order your Flaxwood bolt-on replacement neck from our web shop.

The Flaxwood bolt-on replacement neck is perfect for the player whose current set up has given up the ghost, or is just fed up with the neck bending and bowing with the weather. First timer or semi-pro versions are available for all kinds of guitar builders! Check out the specs from our web shop: Tele/Stratocaster® Necks

The Flaxwood Necks offers players the same sustain, responsiveness and stability that are the trademarks Flaxwood electric guitars have become known for and appreciated by discriminating players around the world.

For years, guitars and other stringed instruments have been built from exotic tonewoods that are both resonant and beautiful and so familiar to us. However wood has issues. The worlds old growth forests, the source for many of the most desirable tonewoods, are severely depleted and some species are virtually extinct.

Stay in tune.
Flaxwood Composite material
is impervious
to changes in ambient humidity.

Wood is susceptible to fluctuations in humidity; no matter how thoroughly lumber is seasoned, preshrunk or finished, some shrinking, or swelling is inevitable as the wood reacts to the moisture in the air.’

That’s something you won’t be sweating about after installing a Flaxwood neck.

To address these problems, we have used patented proprietary material that incorporates fresh-growth spruce fiber bound by a resonant synthetic material. The blend produces a rock solid moldable material with a uniform and consistent acoustic response. It is virtually unaffected by climatic conditions.

This is especially apparent in the neck, where the action (string height above the fretboard) remains constant no matter how much the outside conditions fluctuate. This helps lock in your action and playability. Once it’s set up, it stays there.

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