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Bernhard Günter Center Stage

Composer Bernhard Günter talks about his music and enthuses about fretless instruments in this exclusive Q&A    Fretless guitar improvisation First a little about yourself…

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Flaxwood Tune-X System

Look at the “NUTS” on these guys! Flaxwood Guitars CITES free principles also apply to the Nut. You know that little strip between the fretboard…

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The birth of the Flaxwood sound

The Birth of the Flaxwood Sound We have received numerous questions about how our guitars are manufactured. So, we decided to grab our master luthier…

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Fresh Flax Vibes!

The Louhi Series Guitars for the discerning guitarist! A guitar where tradition firmly meets cutting edge technology. Flaxwood combines new, patented technology, with the age-old…

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