Innovative Flaxwood tone material & guitars

Benefits of Flaxwood material

An essential part of every Flaxwood guitar is wood fiber composite. In Flaxwood guitars, it is used to replace traditional guitar materials. Flaxwood’s WFC is also used to replace the endangered materials used in e.g. fretboards. However, when it comes to musical instruments, the most important factor is not the material or the green values, but the heart and soul of an instrument: the sound. What good does the used material do if the guitar is just gathering dust?

The decision to use wood fiber composite in guitars was not based solely on the material being an ecological choice. The sound properties of the material are a major factor in Flaxwood guitars: WFC is highly resonating, stable and dynamic. Additionally, the material’s surface is silky smooth, providing a great feel to the guitar and improving the playability in the process. All these factors were discovered in the early stages of the material’s R&D, and they are the reason why the making of Flaxwood guitars was started in the first place!

The signature Flaxwood sound is clean and clear and it allows for creating versatile guitars for different music styles, all the way from jazz to heavy metal. On top of that, the composite material stays as is, no matter the change of humidity. This allows the guitar to stay in tune much better and therefore, be very reliable, no matter where you take it!

What is the single most important feature of a guitar for you?