Innovative Flaxwood tone material & guitars

Flaxwood Technologies

The Sustainable Sound

Flaxwood is an ecological alternative to wood species used in traditional instrument building. The alternative is truly needed, because – as we all know – those species are slowly nearing extinction.

Traditional tonewood species and specifications are becoming increasingly scarce due to several factors. These include the diminishing availability of species resulting in lower quality and non-traditional cutting (flatsawn vs. quartersawn). Political issues and natural disasters including global change also have their effects on the structure of native forests throughout the world.

Yet the harvesting continues

Overexploitation and illegal logging accounts for 50–90 % of all forestry activities in key producer tropical forests, such as those of the Amazon Basin, Central Africa and Southeast Asia, and 15–30 % of all wood traded globally. Trade in illegally harvested timber is highly lucrative and estimated to be worth between $30–$100 billion USD annually. When the music stops, 90 billion tons of heat-trapping carbon dioxide getting put back into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to several years of global emissions. That would make limiting global warming more and more difficult.

That's not our game

The Flaxwood technology and production method can be used to replace endangered wood species with materials that have the desired tonal quality, look and feel, and durability. Natural fiber composite technology allows the manufacture of musical instruments on an ecologically sustainable basis.

Components for instruments are produced by using effective serial production technology (injection molding).

NFC material provides a uniform tone through the elimination of grain structure, along with consistent quality and component supply. Component manufacturing capacity can be easily increased. Wood sourcing, logistics and warehouse management are not necessary to the process.

Parts produced with this method avoid distortion by air humidity and are therefore highly suitable for global trading and travel to concerts across climate zones.


Mezzo-forte Carbon Fiber Instruments with Flaxwood fingerboards