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Innovative Flaxwood tone material & guitars

Flaxwood necks

Carbon Fibre reinforced!

Flaxwood Necks offers players the same trademark sustains, responsiveness and stability of Flaxwood Guitars, appreciated by discriminating players around the world.

Flaxwood Necks are ready to play out of the box, but obviously a professional set up, once bolted on the guitar, is invaluable to the player.

Wood is susceptible to fluctuations in humidity; no matter how thoroughly lumber is seasoned, preshrunk or finished, some shrinking, or swelling is inevitable as the wood reacts to the moisture in the air. To address these problems, we have used a patented proprietary material that incorporates fresh growth spruce fibre bound by a resonant synthetic material. The blend produces a rock solid moldable material with a uniform and consistent acoustic response. It is virtually immune to changing conditions. Especially noticeable in the neck, where the action will remain constant no matter how much the outside conditions fluctuate. This helps lock in your action and playability. Once it’s set up, it stays there!

Flaxwood Headstock angle and machinehead configuration allow the strings to run straight to the pegs from the nut. The angle of the head (12 degrees) maintains adequate tension on the strings to secure their position on the nut and the straight run to the pegs, combined with the self-lubricating properties of the nut, ensures a smooth tuning action.

More nut talk here: Flaxwood Tune-X System

Flaxwood Composite material has extremely consistent working properties. No knots, interlocked grain and other inconsistencies found in natural wood. Because it has no grain structure as such, it can be machined in ways that are impossible to achieve in natural wood.

The Flaxwood Classic set neck on all Flaxwood Guitars have a compound transition neck based on a “Medium-C” profile at the 1st fret, flattening out slightly by the 12th fret. The Flaxwood Bolt-on Neck has a regular profile based on a “Slim Taper-D”