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Innovative Flaxwood tone material & guitars

Flaxwood for rockers

Introducing the Äijä model, designed for the metalheads with high-gain active EMG pickups that deliver electrifying power. It’s a rad fusion of cutting-edge technique and the raw, natural vibe of the material. Think relic meets steampunk, with a vibe so effortless it only needs a bit of dusting and the occasional string change to keep rocking.

For those less inclined to shredding, these guitars feature a semi-hollow body with a back plate crafted to enhance resonance and enrich the sound. It’s all about adding depth and warmth to your playing experience.

The Flaxwood Äijä EMG Sustainiac/GK-3 model is equipped with EMG81 active electronics, a Sustainiac Stealth Pro Driver, and a Roland GK-3 Divided Pickup for guitar synthesizers. It’s a symphony at your fingertips with the kind of sweet, soulful feedback you never thought possible!

Sustainiac Stealth Driver can simply be used as a powerful neck Pickup that you can flip from Humbucker to Single Coil at the flick of a switch. When the driver is activated it loops the bridge pickup tones creating a wall of sustain.. You can choose between a rich fundamental note sustain, a screaming harmonic or a subtle middle ground mix. In the harmonic mode you can slide and bend a perfect, controllable feedback loop! It’s elemental! Just shake the guitar and it oscillates beautifully…  It’s pure magic! Shake the guitar, and watch it oscillate beautifully.

Pair this beast with an endless array of VG guitar synths, and you’ll be on a whole new sonic level. Experience your sound like never before. And of course, it comes shipped in a genuine Hiscox Flaxwood hard case. Rock on!

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