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Flaxwood electric guitar nuts..

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of guitar nuts! Picture this: the nut marks the starting line for each string’s musical journey. It’s not only a placeholder; it’s the maestro that sets the stage for perfect string spacing and height across the fretboard. It directly affects the action and playability of the guitar and its intonation… the ability of a stringed instrument to play in tune across its range.

The Nut material plays a critical role in its function. Traditionally, the Nut was made of animal bone, a very hard and resonant material, producing clear and bright ringing tones. But in our quest for sustainability and eco-friendliness at Flaxwood, we had to rethink things. No more bone – we needed something that sang in harmony with our values.

Crafted from space-age, self-lubricating wizardry, it’s the same stuff used in Space Shuttles and bulletproof vests. Talk about durability! This bad boy weighs less than a feather but packs a punch when it comes to tuning stability and intonation.

Every Flaxwood Guitar comes equipped with this patented marvel, ensuring your tuning stays on point, and your intonation is spot-on. Together with the bridge and frets, the nut forms the Holy Trinity of tone, giving you the perfect harmony you’ve been searching for.

Nuts come pre-scored, but not slotted to full depth. e1-E6 35mm.

Suitable for a 42mm wide neck.

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