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Innovative Flaxwood tone material & guitars

Äijä BLAK29 DT Signature

3300,00  (VAT 0% 2661,29 )

BLAK29 DT Signature Edition: A Riot in the Machine, just waiting to be let out!

When it comes to capturing an artist’s unique voice through their instrument, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. It will depend on how it looks, how it feels and how it sounds. But no matter how you shred it, the end goal is always the same: to create something that truly relates to the artist.

Enter the BLAK29 DT Signature Edition, the latest and greatest Flaxwood, designed in collaboration with the one and only Dan Tracey from the electrifying BLAK29. Another of our high gain rock guitars, it packs EMG81 active pickups, a Sustainiac Driver and a Roland GK-3 divided pickup. …this baby will blow your mind!!

With a rich fundamental note sustain, screaming harmonics, and a subtle middle ground mix, this thing delivers the sweetest feedback you never imagined. In the harmonic mode you can slide and bend a perfect, controllable feedback loop! It’s elemental! Just shake it and it will do it’s thing. Add to this an endless array of VG guitar synths and you are on a new level!

Experience your sound!

Proud to be working with Steve Zing and Dan Tracey, two artists who embody the kind of hard-line vision and audaciousness that we look for in our homies. It’s this kind of spirit that leads to the creation of truly exceptional art, the kind that’ll make your head spin and your heart sing. So raise a toast to BLAK29, and get ready to rock and roll!

About BLAK29:

BLAK29 is a collaboration between the talented Steve Zing and Dan Tracey. Fed up with the slow pace of working with a bigger group, Zing and Tracey took the initiative to write and record their music by exclusively feeding off each others creativity. …and taking a few buddies along for the ride. This approach was a lot more fun, and a lot more productive than previous projects… How’s it go? Too many cooks?

Since then, they’ve continued to create and perform under the moniker of Blak29, giving people the all-overs with their unique sound and electrifying performances.

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Material: flaxwood
Features: flaxwood resonating back plate


Material: flaxwood
Neck joint: Set Angled Neck
Scale: 25.5″
Radius: 12″
Frets: jumbo

  • 1st fret: 43.5 / 20.5 mm
  • 12th fret: 52.5 / 23 mm

Tuners: Sperzel 3/3 Trimlock SB
Schaller S-Locks BC
Nut: Tune-X tuning system
Inlays: celluloid f
Shipped with string gauge: Elixir Nanoweb .010 – .046″

Hardware & Electronics


  • tremolo (EMG-T): Schaller LP Tremolo


  • bridge: EMG ’81 (active)
  • neck: Sustainiac Driver
  • bridge: Roland GK-3 Divided Pickup


  • master volume
  • separate tone controls for both pickups
  • 3-way selector switc
    • 1. bridge
    • 2. bridge + neck
    • 3. neck
    • GK-3, Guitar / Mix / Synth Selector / Up/Down / Volume
    • Sustainiac Mode, Fundamental/Mix/Harmonic
    • Sustainiac Boost, Humbucker / Single Coil
    • Sustainiac Driver Control



Additional information


Glossy Black, Sandblasted Black, Oiled Rock


Black, Blond