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Hi and welcome to the Flaxwood Forge. A place where we try to bring your dreams to life….and keep my dreams kicking and scratching!

We can basically design you a guitar from the ground up… Build on Flaxwood design foundations to create a personalized instrument to call your own. If you need a little help or inspiration please ask. No query or clarification is too small

Hand polish finish and custom paint jobs, no problem, no matter how weird or wacky, just ask… If you want a picture of your mum on your guitar, we can do that too!

Hardware and Pickups, if they exist, we’ll try to find them and fit them and for the connoisseur, Scatterwound RodKoil Pickups, by hand, in the shop! (also sold separately by custom order)

You will also find a variety of non-standard models available off the shelf.

Check them out!

Roderick Welch, Master Luthier

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“Living together is the human condition”

Celebrating Multiculturalism and awareness of others, each year, The Forge will create a limited “Tribal” guitar edition. Each guitar will be connected to a specific place on Earth, from Brooklyn to Caracas, from Djibouti to the Sunda Strait, inspired by the designs of the people who live there, in recognition of our diversity, harmony and identity and the future we face together.

These most personal crafted instruments represent the highest quality of craftsmanship and greatest level of customization and finishing available from Flaxwood Guitars.

Whether you choose a Limited Edition instrument or a Built to Order guitar, all Forge guitars are conceived and built with a "one-off" mentality. Every instrument is Unique! Through this program we strive to deliver heirloom-quality musical instruments.

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