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Flaxwood Guitars: The Company Story

The one who dies with the most guitars wins. We at Flaxwood didn’t like our chances in that contest – unless of course we started to build our own guitars.

Now we have enough guitars. And a few more, so we’ll be winning the contest easily. That’s why we decided to turn our guitar manufacturing into a business and take the joyous sound of Flaxwood on a world tour to share it with all our fellow music fans across the globe.

Flaxwood Oy

As our company name might suggest, our guitars have been manufactured using a novel and sustainable method since the start. Our guitars are built from natural fiber composite, which is top-grade stuff in terms of characteristics as well as being environmentally sound.

In the early 2000s, our local university in Joensuu developed a natural fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite material that could be used in injection molding. The idea to build guitars with this technique gained traction through the encouragement of the project leader, industrial designer, Heikki Koivurova.

Flaxwood Oy was founded in 2005.

The first Flaxwood guitar prototype saw the light of day in 2003, designed by luthier Veijo Rautia. Two years later, we introduced our first full line of guitars. Our hybrid guitar line followed in 2011.

In the early days, we researched possible applications for the material in other musical instruments and their components. The development work bore fruit, as Flaxwood Oy received international patents to use natural fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites and injection molding technology in the manufacture of musical instruments and their components.

Throughout the years, Flaxwood has invested heavily in product development of wood fiber composite material and instruments, as well as innovating and marketing new applications.

Flaxwood Guitars

We love guitars. We play them ourselves and believe the Flaxwood Guitars line of electric guitars we created are the best guitars in the world.

“Of course you do, you sell the things!” someone says.

That’s true. We do have a vested interest. Our guitars are sold and marketed globally under the Flaxwood Guitars brand.

Even so, we’d like to challenge you to pick up one of our guitars and try it out. We guarantee you’ll be positively surprised.

The Flaxwood electric guitars are an excellent, premium quality reference instrument that utilizes patented material technology. The technology improves the instrument’s characteristics and tone, and knowing your guitar is considerably more ecological than traditional guitars, just adds to the good vibes as you play.

New applications for the material in the musical instrument industry are being developed constantly. It has already been applied to other instruments, including acoustic guitars, string and wind instruments. The material technology is known internationally as Flaxwood Technologies.

You’ll recognize our guitars by The Flaxwood Sound.

We dare you: pick up one of our guitars and take it for a spin.

Mika Räty, buchou

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Flaxwood in a nutshell

Flaxwood is a privately owned Finnish manufacturer of guitars and musical instrument components. Flaxwood was founded in 2005 following a research project on natural fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites led by Heikki Koivurova. A prototype was developed initially in 2003 with the design input of luthier Veijo Rautia, and two years later Flaxwood introduced their first line of guitars. In 2011, a line of hybrid guitars was released. The company produces instruments from a natural fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite through a patented injection molding process.