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Äijä EMG-H GK-3 “Black Pearl”

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Welcome to the world of Midi guitar, a symphony at your fingertips. A Flaxwood for Pure Pirativity! Sample where you will, and have the opportunity to create your own Effects, Patches and Modelling! Experience your sound in a way you have never imagined.

The Flaxwood Äijä GK-3 model is our High-Gain rock guitar equipped with EMG81/85 active electronics, and a Roland GK-3 Divided Pickup (Midi) for guitar synthesiser.

The Roland GK-3 is pre-installed on the guitar but can be simply removed and installed on another. Alternative installation kit and instructions included.

Shipped with genuine Hiscox Flaxwood hard case.

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Material: flaxwood
Features: flaxwood resonating back plate


Material: flaxwood
Neck joint: 3-D glued
Single Action Trussrod
Angle: high
Scale: 25.5″
Radius: 12″
Frets: jumbo

  • 1st fret: 43.5 / 20.5 mm
  • 12th fret: 52.5 / 23 mm

Tuners: Gotoh SG360 HAPM; lockable
Nut: Tune-X tuning system
Inlays: celluloid f
Shipped with string gauge: Elixir Nanoweb .010 – .046″

Hardware & Electronics


  • hardtail (EMG-H): Tune-O-Matic GE-103B


  • bridge: EMG ’81 (active)
  • neck: EMG ’85 (active)
  • bridge: Roland GK-3 Divided Pickup


  • master volume
  • separate tone controls for both pickups
  • 3-way selector switch
    • 1. bridge
    • 2. bridge + neck
    • 3. neck
    • GK-3, Guitar / Mix / Synth Selector / Up/Down / Volume

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Sandblasted Black, Oiled Rock