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Bolt-on neck (raw)


Flaxwood replacement bolt-on necks; Carbon Fibre reinforced!

“Raw” and Trussed: Ideal for the first time builder who doesn’t want the headache of making a neck and fretboard, The integral fretboard takes away that much more stress.

It’s just a question of cutting the slots, adding the dots, and fretting with your choice of materials. Available in Black, Blond and Natural.

472mm integral fretboard, drilled for dots (25.5″ scale), head adjustable single action Truss-rod pre-installed. The headstock is drilled with 10mm machinehead holes. (a choice of machineheads are available by request) Supplied with a set of bolts, blank neck plate, trussrod cover, Tune-X nut and a set of Mother of Pearl dots on the side…

“Raw” and Trussed Slab Heeled Necks are extremely useful for the small independent shop/maker with limited machining facilities… Rout out a pocket, bolt the neck on, and the body form and shape is limited by your imagination only…

Wanna play some slide? …bolt it to the kitchen table and go wild!


Material: Spruce fiber composite
Profile Shape: Slim Taper-D
Heel type: Standard Strato/Telecaster® 55.5mm x 25.5mm (measured at center of neck inc. fretboard) with 5”radius on the butt end.

Mounting: Standard 4-Bolt M4 Crosshead and neck plate (included)
Truss rod: Single action head location (installed)
Truss rod cover: Spruce fiber composite (included)

Nut Width: 42.5 mm
Nut: Tune-X Flat  (included, string spacing marked but unslotted)
Inlays: Mother of pearl: round (included)
Tuner peghole size: 10 mm

Measurements (width):
  • 1st fret: 43.3 mm
  • 12th fret: 51.4 mm
  • 22nd fret: 55.5 mm
  • 1st Fret: 19.5 mm 
  • 12th fret: 23.0 mm 
  • We are slim and slinky!!


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Neck Color

Black, Blond, Natural